Site Navigation in Silverlight 4

In any application there will be many pages and user controls to display the content to the users. Also content will be displayed based on the some variable values, which may be passed from one page another page by using session and query string parameters. So, question comes here is how does Silverlight navigation works? How do we pass query string parameters from one page to another page?

Silverlight Navigation framework

In Silverlight, We will be implement application/site navigation using the Frame and Page controls. Page controls correspond to separate sections of content, but whereas frame is container for page controls, and provides navigation across pages controls. That states, frame display one page content at a time. We will be learning about the frame control more in details. It has got big picture to learn in both declarative and programmatic.


In Silverlight, Frame is a Control to support the Navigation, either to or from, across the xaml's page controls. We need to reference to System.Windows.Controls.Navigation dll and its namespace is System.Windows.Controls.

We will be creating many different Silverlight pages to present the content in our application and then navigate to those pages from the frame. When a Uniform Resource Identifier is requested, either programmatically or through a user action, the frame navigates to the page that matches the URI.
The requested URI can include the page to display and also values that represent a particular state for the page. But within the page, we need provide logic to process the URI values and create the page in the correct state.