Messenger Application

The messenger application is about chatting among multiplies users. Socket technique (UDP) is used in this application. The different clients communicate with each other though server, it means the messages from client firstly send to server and then server broadcasts the message among the clients. 

How to use Facebook Connect

This article will demonstrates how to connect to facebook from localhost and fetch saved information from facebook on localhost.

Silverlight Mouse Enter Event

This article demonstrates the easiest implementation of hovering in Silverlight programmatically using the MouseEnter event. The use of MouseEnter event is when mouse comes over some text of some image something will be changed like this example.

How to use Image Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Rotate in Silverlight 4

This article will demonstrate Image Zoom In, Zoom Out, Rotate functionality in Silverlight 4. First of all make a new silverlight project using visual studio 2010 and place a project name and save location in local directory.

Writing an ActiveX control in C#

An ActiveX control is an object that supports a customizable programmatic interface. Using the methods, events and properties exposed by the control, web developers can automate their web pages to give the functionality which is equivalent to that of a desktop application.

How to connect to Oracle database using WCF in Silverlight

In this article we will be seeing how to connect to the Oracle database using WCF in Silverlight and will perform a search to retrieve the data from the database, display them in the Silverlight data grid using Visual Studio 2010.

Mobile Mail sending Application using ASP.NET

This program will allow the user to send mail from his mobile device. Here we use a mail server and make use of the classes provided in the System.Web.Mail namespace. We also make elaborate use of validation controls. 

File Download with save as dialog box from browser

Every programmer will get into this scenario where they needs to download a file from browser with a direct button click or downloading a file after some business functional process.

How to use new Rupee Symbol of India in Silverlight?

In July 2010, Indian Cabinet selected a new Symbol for the Indian Rupee which looks like as the snapshot shown below. Here is the description of how to integrate the same symbol in Silverlight application.

Silverlight 4: Text to Speech application using COM API

Have you ever heard of Text to Speech engine? Yes, it is not a new thing in the Computer World. It was available since Windows 98 (as much as I can recall) but it is completely new in Silverlight. You can now use the Silverlight application to give an API call to the SAPI Engine which will convert the text to voice. This is achievable using the COM APIs only.

AutoCompleteBox Control Example

In this article we will be seeing how to create Silverlight AutoCompleteBox control.



Store data in windows resource files

Have you ever wondered where the icons, pictures, cursors etc. from your forms are stored when Visual Basic isn't open? They are stored in form's .frx-file. All the infomation is stored in binary format using a method called property bags, and you can also use this extremely simple interface to store and extract multiple sources of data.

Adding Menus at runtime



In Visual Basic, adding menus at runtime is handled in the exact same way as adding any control at runtime. First you have to create a control array at design time, then at runtime you just load the new controls into the array. Here is the discussion to show you all the steps to handle this.

Creating a graphic tic tac toe game in VB6


The application should begin with a form that contains the following elements:
-          A label saying "Welcome to Tic-Tac-Toe"
-          Two option buttons enclosed in a frame. The captions for the option buttons should be        "X" and "O". The caption for the frame should be "Select 'X' or 'O' and click OK".
-          A command button with the caption "OK".
When the user clicks OK, exit this form and display the main form (the game board).

Shut down, restart, log off and forced log off system using C#

Here is the discussion of  
  1. How to Shut Down a machine 
  2. How to Log Off a machine
  3. How to forced log off a machine
  4. How to restart a machine using c# 

Upload an Image and an Audio file using C#

Image Upload:

In this case, use  a FileUpload Control(Id:->FileUpload1), an ImageButton(ImageButton1) or you can use the Image,  a Button Control(Id:->Updatebttn) to upload the Image, Button Control(Id:->Addbttn) to add the Image in database, an image(which we want to upload) , add a new folder (Image) in the WebForm.

Accessing Local Database using Silverlight 4

In this article, we will explore the mechanism of communicating with the local SQL Database using the out-of-browser features of Silverlight 4.0 with elevated trust permissions. This has brought back my golden days of VB 6.0 programming

How to send mail from Gmail without login your Gmail account

Here is the discussion of how to send mail from Gmail using 3.5 without login your Gmail account.
Write the small line of code as follows:

Display Tooltip for Silverlight controls

Silverlight offers a class called "ToolTipService" which can be used to display tooltips for Silverlight controls. This class can be attached to most of the UI elements in Silverlight to display tooltips.

Asp .Net Dynamic Data


Asp.Net Dynamic data is a new feature intoduced in .net 3.5 Framework. Its is basically to provide Rapid Application Development (RAD) refers to a type of software development Methodology. Asp.Net Dynamic data is a framework that lets you create data-driven ASP.NET Web applications easily.

Global events in ASP.NET

The following are the global events handled in the global.asax.vb file.

Sub Application_Start(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
End Sub

Working with Tuple in C# 4.0

Tuple can store n - number of values in it. The type of each of those variables as generic parameters, and the object will create those values for you.

Caching in ASP.Net

Caching is really very easy to understand it's concept is that if we need to fetch the data multiple times from sqlserver or from any file it will cause in reduction of performance as we are taking same data's multiple time from database or any file so why to take same data again and again we can just store that data in our cache object.

Capchas in ASP.Net Web Form

The capchas are really very good thing to prevent bots from autofilling and securing our site.We can generate the capchas by our code but we can get some ready made capchas so there is no need to generate them and wasting time especially when they are very good.

ASP.NET Custom Error Pages

ASP.NET provides a simple yet powerful way to deal with errors that occur in your web applications. We will look at several ways to trap errors and display friendly meaningful messages to users. We will then take the discussion a step further and learn how to be instantly notified about problems so you can cope with them right away. As a geek touch we will also track the path 404's travel.

Working with Cookies in ASP.NET

ASP.NET has 3 classes which allow you to work with Cookies.

HttpCookie: provides a way to create and manipulate individual HTTP cookies.
HttpResponse: The Cookies property allows to create and save cookies on client machines.
HttpRequest: The Cookies property allows access to cookies from the client maintains.

Accessing form objects when there are multiple forms

In order to access a form through Javascript, we need to obtain a reference to the form object. One obvious way to approach, which you have already seen, is to use the getElementById method. For instance, if we had a form with the id attribute "subscribe_frm", we could access the form in this way:

What is a Virtual Directory and how to create it?


What is a virtual directory ?

A virtual directory represents a web application and it points to a physical folder in your computer.

A web application is accessed using a virtual directory name instead of a physical folder name. For example, if you have a web application called "Shopcart" in your machine, you will have a virtual directory for this web application. You will access your web application using the URL httP://localhost/Shopcart. If your virtaul directory name is "Test", then your web application url will be "http://localhost/Test".

Introduction to DataBinding in Silverlight

DataBinding is a link between a data source and a user interface. The data source provides data to the user interface. The data in the user interface may be changed by the user which will be updated to the source and could be saved back to the database.The data source could be business objects, collections, database tables or any other form of data that support data binding.

Static and Dynamic web pages

We can broadly classify web sites and web pages into two categories:

1. Static web pages
2. Dynamic web pages

How to pass parameters to Silverlight controls from ASP.NET pages ?

You can pass parameters from your aspx pages and html pages to the Silverlight controls. This chapter explains how to pass parameters to Silverlight controls from your aspx page and code behind files.

Open a specific xaml page from a Silverlight control

Each Silverlight application project may include multiple xaml pages. When you refer to a .xap file from a web page, the xaml page set using the Application.RootVisual property will be displayed by default.

Lazy Initializer to defer expensive Object creation

.NET 2010 comes with lots of new features. Some relates to Technology while other relates to language enhancements. The huge class library that is there with .NET framework is also enriched with new classes. In .NET 4.0 there is a new set of classes which introduces a new concept called Lazy initializes. Here is a discussion how simply you can use Lazy initialize to defer the execution of a method or property for values to whenever it is required.

Operator Overloading with Implicit and Explicit Casts in C#

Its been a very common mistake of not declaring implicit and explicit cast operator overloads while working with data types which might take part in some calculations in long run. Many of the developers don't know why we use checked or unchecked while doing calculations. This post is an article on how you can use Cast overloads to get your job done easily when you require your type to take part in arithmetic operations and casts to arithmetic data types.

Notion of System.Nullable - A Look

C# has lots of flexibilities and hooks to turn around things that was impossible for other languages. One of such thing is the introduction of Nullable Types. Here is a discussion of how you could use Nullable to make sure your code works well for null values in Value Types.

Garbage Collection Notifications in .NET 4.0

Memory management is primary for any application. From the very beginning, we have used destructors,  or deleted the allocated memory whilst using the other programming languages like C or C++.  C# on the other hand being a proprietor of .NET framework provides us a new feature so that the programmer does  not have to bother about the memory deallocation and the framework does it automatically.

How to create a WCF service without Visual Studio

WCF is the first step in building a truly service oriented application for you. It is the most important when working with distributed architecture.Visual Studio is capable of creating its own configuration settings that helps in developing our application with ease. But what if you don’t have Visual Studio? Here is the details to implement one of the most basic WCF service without using Visual Studio and how to interact with the service. Lets do it step by step:

Partial Methods

Partial classes allows you to divide your own class in one or more files but during runtime the files would be merged to produce a single coherent object. By this way the classes could be made very small and also easily maintainable.

.NET Community Session : ASP.NET 4.0 In - Depth

ASP.NET 4.0 comes with lots of new features that enhance the developers to deal with ASP.NET applications easily and also core functionality to deal with both server side and client side of an ASP.NET application. These changes makes ASP.NET 4.0 applications more effective than the existing ASP.NET applications.

XML Binding in WPF with Sample RSS reader

XAML being getting more and more popular is also introduced for Mobile applications. Recently while I was exploring on the internet, I found that the recent version of Windows 7 mobile interfaces uses Silverlight to deal with the interface. 


J2EE is Java, optimized for enterprise computing. Officially J2EE stands for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition. Unlike the traditional Java, which is often used to build client enhancements, J2EE is designed to build server applications. Officially, the J2EE platform is "a set of coordinated specifications and practices that together enable solutions for developing, deploying, and managing" such server applications.

How to play audio or sound files from Silverlight?


Silverlight provides a class called MediaElement which can be used to play audio or video files.

Difference between Silverlight 1 and Silverlight 2

Silverlight 1 is purely AJAX and Javascript based. All the code has to be written in Javascript and XAML.


Silverlight is a web based technology, launched by Microsoft in April 2007. Silverlight is considered as a competitor to Adobes Flash.

Asp.Net File Types


Web site applications can contain a number of file types, some supported and managed by ASP.NET, and others supported and managed by the IIS server.


Query string is used to Pass the values or information form one page to another page.Query strings are also generated by form submission, or by a user typing a query into the address bar of the browser.

Directory Structure in


ASP.NET directory structure can be determined by the developer's preferences. Apart from a few reserved directory names, the site can span any number of directories.

Generate Random strong password string using C#

Here is a very useful C# code snippet for generating random strong passwords. The password is generated using upper case and lower case alphabets, numerals and special characters.

Compute the difference between Two dates in Java

This example shows how to compute the difference between two dates. It shows how to compute the difference between the dates in days, hours, minutes, seconds and even milliseconds.

Pro ASP.NET MVC V2 Framework

Author Steven Sanderson has seen the ASP.NET MVC Framework mature from the start, so his experience, combined with comprehensive coverage of all the new features, including those in the official MVC development toolkit, offers the clearest understanding of how this exciting new framework can improve your coding efficiency. With this book, youll gain invaluable up-to-date knowledge of security, deployment, and interoperability challenges.

Microsoft .NET Framework 2010

The Microsoft .NET Framework is a software framework that can be installed on computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. It includes a large library of coded solutions to common programming problems and a virtual machine that manages the execution of programs written specifically for the framework. 

ASP.NET MVC Framework Unleashed

In this book, world-renowned ASP.NET expert and member of the Microsoft ASP.NET team Stephen Walther shows experienced developers how to use Microsoft's new ASP.NET MVC Framework to build web applications that are more powerful, flexible, testable, manageable, scalable, and extensible.


In this article you can understand how to create thumbnails from images at time of Upload using ASP.NET.I create a small utility class that can convert and image into thumbnails.