Silverlight 4: Text to Speech application using COM API

Have you ever heard of Text to Speech engine? Yes, it is not a new thing in the Computer World. It was available since Windows 98 (as much as I can recall) but it is completely new in Silverlight. You can now use the Silverlight application to give an API call to the SAPI Engine which will convert the text to voice. This is achievable using the COM APIs only.

Here is the description how to use COM API to give a TTS call to the SAPI Engine. After reading this topic here, you will be able to write your own code to develop your own application having the Text to Speech functionality in Silverlight 4.


To develop this application, you need the following tools:
  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  2. Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2010
Once you set up your development environment, create a Silverlight project.