ASP.NET MVC Framework Unleashed

In this book, world-renowned ASP.NET expert and member of the Microsoft ASP.NET team Stephen Walther shows experienced developers how to use Microsoft's new ASP.NET MVC Framework to build web applications that are more powerful, flexible, testable, manageable, scalable, and extensible.

Understand how to:

* Build enterprise-scale web applications far more rapidly and effectively
* Develop web applications that are easier to maintain and extend over time
* Gain unprecedented control over the appearance of your website or application
* Expose intuitive URLs that are friendlier to search engines and users alike
* Create ASP.NET MVC models that contain all your application's business, validation, and data access logic
* Make the most of HTML helpers, model binders, action filters, routing, and authentication
* Efficiently deploy your ASP.NET MVC applications
* Use the lightweight JQuery JavaScript library to easily find and manipulate HTML elements
* Create ASP.NET MVC applications using unit test and mock object framework